The Unfolding of Truth, Mihail Neamțu

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„This study is a new attempt to read the theological debates ofthe fourth century over the meaning of the Nicene Creed. I focus especially on the debate between the radical Arians of the second generation (epitomized by Eunomius of Cyzicus) and a staunch defender of Orthodoxy (i.e., St Gregory of Nyssa). In a short presentation of the struggle for Orthodoxy during the fourth century, I frame Gregory of Nyssa’s polemics against the radical Arians in a historical context. Subsequently, I pay attention to Aetius’ legacy in Eunomius’ works and biography, and their strong breaking points with the former tradition. The argument is carried out by a short presentation of Gregory’s rejection of Eunomius’ theology. Consequently, I ponder upon the differences between the conflicting methodologies assumed by Eunomius and Gregory of Nyssa, respectively. The usage of rhetoric and dialectics for theological purposes is, in each case, highly significant. I point out the importance of Basil and Gregory’s doctrinal and ascetic commitments, which I regard in continuity with the apostolic confession of Christ
as ‘Lord and God’ (John 20:24).”

Mihail Neamțu


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